Seven Ways to Monetize Your Blog in 2021 (Without Ads!)

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Running a successful blog can be life-changing. You can make passive income, grow a loyal audience, delve into a passion, and sharpen valuable skills. Above all, it can be a pathway to financial freedom. It won’t happen overnight, but there are some tried and true methods for monetizing your blog once you start getting a significant amount of traffic. With commitment and consistency, you can grow a profitable blog that’ll take care of the bills and help you say “Goodbye!” to working overtime. 

A traditional way to monetize your blog is to sell ad space or use Google Adsense. While the easiest, it’s an outdated approach. It can actually be detrimental to your growth, especially if you don’t have a large audience yet. Ads can turn off new visitors and take away from the experience of browsing your blog. What’s more, 1 in 4 internet users block ads anyway. In 2021, there are more elegant methods to monetize without assailing your viewers with ads and banners. 

  1. Affiliate Links 

Using affiliate links is a popular method of promoting products from other businesses. Once you enter an affiliate program, you will get a link that’s unique to you and you’ll be paid a commission every time someone buys a product using your affiliate link. The average commission for an affiliate link is 35% of the retail price. The golden rule of using affiliate links is to only promote products that you truly believe in. Ask yourself if these products are of good quality, something your audience would be interested in, or something that adds value to your audience’s life. 

Here are a few affiliate programs to check out: 

  • Activate
  • BzzAgent
  • Infolinks
  • Tomoson
  • Influenster
  • Amazon Associates
  • Ebay Partner Network

Using affiliate links is an ideal place to start when monetizing. Just remember to be strategic in their placement or else your audience will start to doubt your authenticity and authority. 

Sponsorships and Product Reviews

Sponsorships and product reviews are a great way to earn money by writing about a product and hosting it on your blog. Similar to using affiliate links, you want to avoid looking like a catalog and more like an authority recommending relevant, valuable products that your audience would enjoy. Working with a sponsorcan be very lucrative and the more authority you can exercise on your blog, the higher a rate you can ask for. A great example of this is Lou Martin’s blog, Product Review Mom. Lou gets paid anywhere from $200 to $500 per review post and she has worked with very notable sponsors that allow her to blog full-time.

Freelance Writing

A more active income stream involves offering your writing services as a freelance writer. Your blog can function as a showcase for your writing and act as an avenue through which prospective clients can book your services. This is a way to expand your opportunities of earning money outside your own blog and it allows you to network. 

Online Courses and One-on-One Coaching

Knowledge about a topic like personal finance, fitness, cooking, or marketing is valuable. The eLearning industry is projected to grow beyond the $300 billion mark by 2025. This insane growth projection is due to the fact that millions of people are teaching themselves skills and investing in the knowledge they care about. Coaches and online courses are in demand and you can help people achieve their goals and improve their perceptions about themselves and their business. If you’re starting at square one, here’s a guide to get you started

Sell Ebooks and Other Digital Downloads

Writing blog posts is intended to give bits and pieces of information on a general topic like finance, marketing, and other special interests. An ebook can serve as a more comprehensive and compact body of work that people can download for a price. While it takes some time investment to write an ebook, you can post it once and collect a passive income stream based on its continuous sale. 

Accept Donations

Sites like Patreon are on the rise because audience members want to support creators they believe in. If you provide valuable information and entertaining content, you’ll be surprised by how willing your audience is to support you monetarily. You can accept donations with WordPress plugins like Give, Charitable, and PayPal Donations.

By running a blog you can sell your skills, knowledge, and products, build a following, and make a sizeable income. This entirely depends on your ability to provide value for your audience. Not to mention, the aesthetics of your blog contribute significantly to its success. 

To make your blog look professional, clean, and attractive, reach out to Doya Designs (at With over 12 years of experience, we can take care of all your web design needs and elevate your blog to new heights. Rather than spend hours learning web design from scratch, trust a professional who will optimize the UX/UI design, speed, and integrations of your website to make it enjoyable to all viewers who come across it. 



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