How Do Blogs Make Money?

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If you’re looking for an easy guide on how to monetize your blog, then you’ve landed on the right page. The following are the steps to follow to start making money from your blog. 

1. Affiliate Marketing

Monetize your blog by recommending a service or product to your audience. It is called affiliate marketing. And every time a visitor clicks on the link to buy those services/products, you get a commission over it. To make it easy for you, let me unfold it to you. 

For instance, if your blog is about recommending books for different purposes or reviewing books. Then, you can add a link to Amazon for that one specific book you’re talking about. Also, do mention to your reader why you should buy from there or what discount services they’re giving, the book quality, delivery services, etc. 

Moreover, while using affiliate links, you need to mention clearly to your audience that you’re getting a small amount of income on every click. And that there’s purchasing through your given links will not cost an extra penny to them. It will help you build your transparency and trust. 

2. Sell Your Services

After setting up your blog, if it’s taking time to monetize it with different business company ads, you can sell your services there to make money.  It’s a misconception that you get rich just by making a blog. No, you have to work on your blog as well. It asks for your dedication, passion, and patience. 

Making money through a blog can take months or even a year. You can only build a large audience with your content. Write helpful and informative content. People love to read those articles that are conversational and friendly. 

Also, to make money initially or even later, sell your services. For instance, if your blog is about organizing parties, sell your services through it, and help people. It will help you make better money. 

3. Sell Consultation Services

Followed by the above step, you can also sell your consulting services to your audience. When you’re writing good content in some niche, you indeed have great knowledge about it. For instance, if your blog is about mental health or being productive, you can ask your audience for the consultations. 

And believe me, if while reading your content, your audience feels connected to you. Or feel as if you’ve been there where they are now. And you can solve their issue. Then surely, they will be curious to consult you about their specific problems. Then, you charge a particular amount of money according to per hour consultation calls or skype meetings.

4. Display CPC Ads With Google AdSense

It is the most common and easiest way to make money from your blog. All you need to do is to add a script of Google and display ads on your website. How you make money from these ads? Google AdSense ads are called CPC ads, and CPC means cost per click.

So, whenever a visitor clicks on the ad to buy the product, you’ll get a set amount of fee in return. It is a great way to start making money when you’ve just built your blog. 

5. Sell Space For Advertisement

You’ve got much space at your blog, only if you use it wisely. And for making money through your blog, you can sell space for the advertisement. But remember, only those blogs succeed who don’t compromise on the overlook out of their blog. Like you don’t have to put ads in place of your logo or the call-to-action button. It will make you look thirsty for money and your blog will appear cheap. 

Therefore, never compromise on the quality of your blog. Neither put too many ads nor too little. Keep a balance. And there’s a trick for it. For instance, your blog is about natural beauty products and the health of the skin. There are hundreds and thousands of brands out there selling their products. Monetize your blog with the ads of some quality products on whom you trust, and you’re ready to make money. 

6. Sell Your EBook

If you’re hearing about this idea for the first time, this may sound strange to you. Yes, it did to me when I got to know about this technique. But, that’s a smart way to earn money. And a wise person will never let this opportunity go.

So, if you’ve built a significant audience through your blog, you can sell your eBook on your blog now. Also, one might think, why not sell it on Amazon? But, do you know you can make more money by selling your eBook on your blog? Yes, go for it. 


There are many other ways to monetize your blog, such as selling premium content or teaching an online course. And the key to all the tricks is in writing helpful and engaging content. 



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