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If you type a single keyword on Google, you will find a list of blogs that will give information regarding your desired keyword. What should be done to make your blog different from so many other blogs containing the same content? Today it is essential to keep checks on all of the technicalities required for blogging best practices. To make your content highly rated and SEO friendly.

Blogging Best Practices 

Let's discuss those practices that can help you create unique content on your blog.


The precisely chosen keyword can twist the whole scene. Yes, you go through the websites to find the high-volume keywords in the search. Using them in your content's main heading, Meta description, and URL will help to a great extent to make your post more visible during keyword search by the readers.

While using high-volume keywords, be sure to use the other keywords of a similar match and the content to help the reader find your blog more easily in surfing.

A Precise Meta Description:

 An accurate SEO optimized content has a well-defined Meta description in the beginning. That contains a brief introduction of the topic that you have selected for discussion. It should lie between 40 to 60 words and not more than that. If your blog post has a precise Meta description, then it means that you have increased the chances of bringing your blog post up in the google search.

Blog Tags: 

Blog tags are equally important, just like keyword selection for your post. The blog posts describe the category of the topic that you have selected for discussion. There you can attach one or up to three blog tags with your blog post.

External and Internal Linking: 

Do not forget to add internal and external links to your blog post. Both are essential for your SEO ranking efforts. Internal linking means when you add a hyperlink to your post with one of your previous posts. This is good, as it helps the readers to know more about your blog. When they open an internal link, they get to know about your other work as well.

Similarly, external linking is also much helpful. As in that, you add a link to some reputed website that contains similar content like yours on its page. So this helps to increase the readers' reliability on your blog for having sensible, realistic information.

Posting Frequently:  

It is of utmost importance to frequently keep posting on your blog; if you post regularly, like once a week, it is not enough because the new content is always welcomed by google and the readers, so posting frequently is a practical practice reference.



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