5 Things to Avoid When Starting a Blog

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What Is Blogging?

A blog is an online website that helps you in maintaining an online presence. With this presence, writers can attract readers, generate leads as well as interact with the audience. There can be multiple types of blogs in which you can edit the content that would emphasize a central point. The blogging reflects your main interests’ areas. For example, a blog can talk about foods, clothes, travels, or also political instances. A catering company may come up with the “11 Best Apple Pies You Should Try” or another such promotional yet interesting blog. Thus, it depends on the writer to fashion the nature and direction of the blog. 

Are You a Newbie Blogger?

People often think that sitting at home and writing is a lot easier than earning in offices. It is easy to assert that online blogging brings easy money. However, it is not true. Online blogging is hard work that not many people can undertake. Though it may seem like no-brainer employment, it hits you hard once you start writing. 

To encourage your enthusiasm and positivity as a blogger, keep it in your mind that a blog can make you an authority in the industry. It can give you a powerful place in the market. 

If you love writing like us, you should never get discouraged by the difficulties that a newbie blogger faces. Yes, it is quite difficult to write first a few blogs.

At this juncture, you should know that these roadblocks are faced by every beginner. But you can learn from others’ experiences and avoid these obstructions. To remove your apprehensions and doubts during your first online blogging experience, we have put together a few tips that you should avoid;

1. Represent and Show Your Ideas – Do Not Tell Them

First of all, you should learn to communicate your ideas to the audience through your writing. You must not assert them in white and black. As a writer, a blogger can use metaphors, storytelling methods, examples, or other ways to convey the ideas. The assertion of the ideas in writing will not look interesting. 

Another great concern for newbie bloggers is that they eclipse the topic. They should never emphasize their opinions. Initially, the writer thinks the audience care about their topic. But it is not true. They know the whole truth and have an opinion. So, let them assert their opinion in the comment box instead of giving your opinion. 

2. Communicate In Your Writing – Do Not Just Pen Down an Article 

You have to understand that writing is quite different from your examination paper. When bloggers initiate writing and put them in front of the audience, they end up writing in an essay form. The essay form should not guide your writing style. The essay style of writing will not interest people. So, be honest with yourself and give your article a read before posting it. 

Once you read the article, remove the harshness by adding colloquial language and your style of talking. How would you talk to a friend? Yes. You should include an amicable, free-spirited, and light talking tone in your writings. 

So, come with an effortless and easy to read writing style for your blog. It will surely win the readers. 

3. A Center Argument

When you are a blogger, you can talk about different problems in different posts. You should be capable of communicating a central idea as your main argument. You can bolster the main argument with other supportive arguments. However, you can go from one argument to another. As a blogger, try to limit your one article to a central topic. 

Bloggers can use another post to communicate and discuss other issues or augments. To keep the audience glued to your blog, restate the central point after a few paragraphs. This will maintain the freshness and focus of your article in a certain direction. 

4. Try to Write on the Specific Topics – Not Broad

When bloggers start writing, they put their efforts into writing a broad topic. They end up losing their audience because they get confused about your topics. We recommend you to not choose a topic with too many nuances and details. Initially, you should limit yourself to a central specific topic. 

5. Structure of the Blog

Though you cannot include explicit headlines, a blogger should plan every part of the blog. Writings cannot be vague or instantly written. Writers should structure a blog with a perfect outline that should have an idea. Every outline should have an outcome. So, write in a particular tone and bring out the best flavors in your blog writing. 


These are some of the basic mistakes that ruin the essence of your blog and blogging writing style. Writers should avoid making these mistakes and learn to write coherently. The formula to best blog is a specific idea in your tone from your experience. 



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